Why Us?

Fish Eagle Mining Solutions was formerly formed in 2008 its head office is located in Mpumalanga-eMalahleni.

This is a small enterprise and is currently a level 1 B-BBEE company that is 100% black woman owned and has a strategy to grow into a large Black Economic Empowered business, of top and world class quality. We specialize in 8 different categories and each division is run by skilled and competent teams.

Roof Bolt Torque Indicating Systems | Ceramic & Wear Lining | Civil and Construction | Mechanical | Electrical | Earth Moving | Air Conditioning and Refrigeration | Logistics and Supplies

B-BBEE Level

100% Black Woman Owned
B-BBEE (Level 1)
Fish Eagle Mining Solutions is a fully compliant B-BBEE Business equity, with 100% of the business being of B-BBEE status, with this complying with all regulations laid out by the government of South Africa.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Mining solutions Company that provides unique problem solving services in each of our divisions.

Our Mission

  • Top quality and Superior Service to our Customers by providing a comprehensive range of products and services
  • Being competitive, cost effective and efficient in every sphere of our coperation
  • Complying with high quality standards & products
  • Adhering to and improving on recognised standards
  • ECO Friendly

Our Vision


To Create Long-term Relationships with our Suppliers and Customers based on our products and service excellence.


We commit ourselves to conserving our Environment and will make all efforts in this regard in our sphere of influence.


We commit ourselves to SAFETY and strive for an improvement through education and training for the benefit of our Customers and our Employees.

Risk Management

To identify, alleviate or eliminate risk to property, interests and employees.

Quality Policy

Creating value for our stockholders by being a market driven company and continuously striving to become: “The Preferred Mining Solutions Company”

Developing Long-Term Relationships and understanding our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations by providing:

Safety Of the Highest Standards | Top Quality Products | Top Quality Service | Competitive prices | Discipline | Leader ship | Safe Behaviour | Personnel Development And Training | Continuous Monitoring Of Performance | Monitor and Review | Continuous Improvement Of Business Systems, Processes, Service and Products

Safety & Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Fish Eagle Mining Solutions and its subsidiaries to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that seeks to work Safe, protect the Environment and provide the best Quality. Our goal is to be a leader in SHE practices by emphasizing and encouraging innovative and creative solutions, and continually improving our SHE performance.

All managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the safety of employees, contractors and property under their control. Fish Eagle Mining Solutions pledges to:

  • Actively encourage continuously improvement in Health and Safety performance and commitment from all staff.
  • Committed to comply to all of our clients lifesaving rules.
  • Providing adequate systems and resources to effectively manage hazards within the work place
  • Integrate environmental protection into every aspect of its business.
  • Complying with all laws, regulations, code of practices and standard
  • Comply with all environmental regulations without regard to the degree of enforcement.
  • Participate in the development of environmental legislation, regulation or policy issues that may significantly impact our business.
  • Work pro-actively with appropriate government agencies to ensure timely, reasonable and cost effective solutions for issues.
  • Follow relevant standards, good engineering practices and risk management principles to ensure Fish Eagle Mining Solutions environmental protection activities are conducted responsibly.
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to comply with this policy.
  • Conserve company and natural resources by careful management of emissions and discharges, and by minimizing waste generation.
  • Ensure conformity with this policy and continual improvement through a comprehensive compliance program, including audits and the development and review of performance indicators.
  • Require that all employees are held responsible for compliance with all policies, procedures, practices and laws applicable to their duties.
  • To deliver quality products, systems and services that meet or exceed our
    Customers’ expectations.
  • Identify and understand our customers’ expectations, measure customer
    perceptions, and implement improvements to increase customer satisfaction.
  • To follow social responsibility and company ethics policies in our business practices.
  • To set quality goals according to the perception and expectations of our customers and our employees, and continually seek ways to add value
  • To increase the motivation and skills of our people to add value to our customers and our businesses, through training and development.
  • To monitor, review and continually improve quality standards in all business aspects using group quality goals and measurements.


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