OEM of the Roof Bolter Torque Indicating system

It is established that approximately 6.5 million roof bolts are installed annually in South African Collieries.

It is important to ensure that each and every roof bolt is installed in the best and safest way possible every time the first time.

The quality of installation of a support system is directly related to the performance of the machinery used to install the bolts. According to statistics only 20% of all bolters had torques within the correct Newton meter range (200Nm – 350Nm).

From the early 70’s fall of ground had been the major cause of fatalities in South African Colliers.
Our company was approached by various mining groups, rock engineers and consultants to help design and provide a solution for substandard torque of roof bolting.

The substandard roof bolt torque conditions are normally caused by operator errors and system failures.
Chantell Sinden of Fish Eagle Mining Solutions has designed and patented (2010/08415) a unique safety system that provides the roof bolt Operator, Miner and Technician with a CLEAR visual indication for whether the torque of the roof bolter drill chuck is too low, too high or optimal (adhering to COP standards for roof bolt torque and thrust) during operation.

With the High Visual Torque Indicating System the operator can IDENTIFY and REPORT a Faulty Hydraulic Roof bolter system immediately. Optional features are Data Logging, Siren systems.

  • Our High Visual Torque Indicating Light system is manufactured locally (Mpumalanga) and is Flame proof approved and intrinsically safe.
  • All our other products are of upmost high quality and standard.

Specialists in:

High Visual Torque indicating systems u/g on roof bolter drill chuck.

  1. Standard system
  2. Data logging systems
  3. Real time management systems

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