Precision Laser Alignment

1. The speed and precision safes you money

The speed of use and the precision in alignment mean that investing in a laser-based shaft alignment system useally pays for itself within 3-6 months.

2. A Disciplined and repeatable process

Laser alignment tools make the process of measurement and correctonmuch morediscplined and repeatable. Ruler and dil gauges are not sufficiently accurate for today’s modern machines. Using laser alignment always gives the same result regardless of who takes the measurements.

3. Possibility to generate reports with results straight away

With a laser alignment system, it is possible to generate PDF reports directly from the instrument. The computer handles a number of targets and tolerances and it is easy to interpretthe results. The possibillity of documenting the results gives better controll over the machines and greater assurance. Reports can be generated for “before”and “after” alignment.

4. Fast and accurate.

Laser alignment can be ten times faster and 100 percent more accurate compare to dail gauges or straight edges methods (depending on the user’s skill). The average dail setup will not measure down to 0,001mm BUT a Laser CAN!

5. Expand alignments and measurements.

With the best laser alignment tools you can expand the types of alignments and measurements you can do. You will then be able to take care of the all-important steps of machine setup, for example base flatness and twist, and also measure straightness.

6. Reduced energy consumption.

Laser alignment allows precice measurements that reduce energy consumption in the long term. Poorly aligned machines require more energy to achieve the same result as a well-aligned asset. Reduced energy consumption is not only good for the electricity bill but also for the environment.

7. Error-free and Hih-reselotion technology

Old technology may have too low a resolution to measure accurately enough and may be subject to reading errors or sticing dail hands. Laser alignment systems are based on high-resolution non-contact technology and free from such errors.

8. Elimination of bending of the hardware and setup mistakes

With laser alignment you eliminate errors assosiated with old technologies such as bar sag, substandard dail bar and mistakes when setting up clamps.

9. Gives you a broader picture

A laser alignment tool allows you to easily detect possible soft foot and weak foundations, wich may cause the machine to get damaged due to vibration.

We do alignments for:

  • Motor, Gearbox & Pump Coupling


Fluid Drive Couplings | Bibby Couplings | Tyre Couplings | Spider Couplings | N-Eupex Couplings | Feathering Coupling | Beam Couplings | Bellows Coupling | Jaw Couplings | Diaphragm Coupling | Disc Couplings | Gear Couplings

More Possibilities


For measurement and alignment of vertically and flange mounted machines. Handles machines with 4, 6, 8 and 10 bolts.


With the Values program you measure as with dial gauges, but with laser precision and the possibility to document the measurement result. Automatic recording possible (set the interval and duration). You can make individual notes for each measurement point.


With the Values program you can check bearing clearance or shaft load. It can also be used to ”manually” calculate straightness, flatness and dynamic movements of machine components.


For alignment of three to each other coupled machines (2 couplings).


The twist measurement program allows you to check the flatness or twist of the machine foundation using only the meas-uring units in the system.

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