Fish Eagle Mining Solutions was formerly formed in 2008 its head office is located in Mpumalanga-eMalahleni. This is a small enterprise and is currently a level 2 B-BBEE company that is 51% black woman owned and has a strategy to grow into a large Black Economic Empowered business, of top and world class quality. We specialize in 9 different categories namely, roof bolt torque indicating systems, electrical, auto electrical, civil and construction, mechanical, ceramic tiles & wear compound, logistics and supplies. Each division is run by a skilled and competent team


• To be the preferred Engineering and Mining solutions Company that provides a Unique Torque Indicating System and maintenance service to our Customer

• Top quality and Superior Service to our Customers
• By providing a comprehensive range of products and services
• Being competitive, cost effective and efficient in every sphere of our operation
• Complying with high quality standards
• Adhering to and improving on recognised standards
• ECCO Friendly

• To Create Long-term Relationships with our Suppliers and Customers based on our products and service excellence.

• We commit ourselves to conserving our Environment and will make all efforts in this regard in our sphere of influence.

• We commit ourselves to SAFETY and strive for an improvement through education and training for the benefit of our Customers and our Employees.
Risk Management
• To identify, reduce or eliminate risk to property, interests and employees 

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Our Products and Service
Products: Roof Bolter Drill Chuck Torque Indicating system

· Our High Visual Torque Indicating Light system is manufactured locally (Mpumalanga) and is Flame proof approved and intrinsically safe.
· All our other products are of upmost high quality and standard.
Specialists in:
· High Visual Torque indicating systems u/g on roof bolter drill chuck.
1. Standard system
2. Data logging systems
3. Real time management systems
It is established that approximately 6.5 million roof bolts are installed annually in South African Collieries. It is important to ensure that each and every roof bolt is installed in the best and safest way possible every time the first time.


We are NHBRC Registered and compliant and specialize in this field. This department handles all, Civil as well as steel structural, steel fabrications, fencing, palisade fencing and dry walling for sub dividing office, renovations, plumbing, tiling, painting, concrete, paving and Plints.

This department is responsible for the supply of all types of mining equipment and materials, but not limited to, Electrical, Mechanical, Auto Electrical, Ceramics, Chemicals, PPE and any other supplies required from our various clients and sites.

This department handles all, mechanical as well as the maintenance of all equipment manufactured. It has a full boiler maker, welding and mechanical servicing function, Includes machinery such as compressors, shuttle cars, mobile screens etc

Fish Eagle Mining Solutions Specializes in supplying and installing non-metallic wear resistant materials for mining, petrochemical, power generation, building, cement and other related industries. Fish Eagle Mining Solutions array of products and services comprises the Following: . Abrasion Problems . A range of ceramic lined hydro cyclones . On-site installations service and on-site briefings.

Fish Eagle Mining Solutions is focused on sourcing OEM and specialised auto-electrical, replacement components and collision avoidance systems for operators of heavy duty automotive, earth moving, construction, agriculture, transport and mining machinery. In addition of sourcing, Fish Eagle Mining Solutions is committed to the development and innovation of auto-electrical and safety products.

This department is responsible for all the necessary installation, design and manufacture of electrical panels, electrical reticulation and temporary electrical supply.



Address Head  Office

17 Rolina Street, Del Judor Ext 5, eMalahleni (Witbank), 1035

 Block 7 , Office 3.7 , Roduim 
Avenue, Steelpoort, 1133


Phone : 083 656 9312
Phone : 082 857 5830            
Fax        : 086 653 5549